West Virginia Board of Examiners
for Registered Professional Nurses

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Phone: (304) 558-3596 or 1-877-743-NURS(6877)
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For more information about the Board's Impaired Nurse Treatment Program click on the links below: 
Impaired Nurse Treatment Program Information
Impaired Nurse Treatment Program Intake Form

These reports are updated on a monthly basis.  Prior to taking any actions related to the information on this page, please check the Online Verification System to determine a licensee's current status or contact this office for more information. You may contact the Board by phone at (304) 558-3596, by mail, by mail at 101 Dee Drive, Suite 102, Charleston, WV 25313-1620, or by e-mail at rnboard@state.wv.us. Requests for copies of documents must be made in writing. Clearly state your request and provide a name and address where the information may be mailed. The fee for documents is $3.00 for the first page and 0.25 cents for each additional page. You will be invoiced for this amount.


A Consent Agreement is a settlement agreement between the Board and the licensee. The agreement is the result of an informal settlement of a complaint filed against a licensee. Consent Agreements with a Probation requirement generally include certain restrictions in the practice of a registered professional nurse. Time is counted toward the required probationary period only while the individual nurse is working as a registered professional nurse. If an individual does not work for a period of time, this time is not counted toward the probation requirement. Therefore, some individuals may have a probation license longer than the dates may suggest.


A reprimand is the least restrictive disciplinary action the Board takes against a license. A licensee can practice if a reprimand has been issued against the license.


A suspension is generally the result of a violation of a contract between the licensee and the Board. A suspension can also be the resulting action taken by the Board in relation to discipline. A licensee cannot practice nursing while the license is suspended.


A Summary Suspension is an action taken by the Board when a licensee is considered an immediate threat to public safety. A licensee receiving a Summary Suspension cannot work as a nurse or represent themselves as such.


A Reinstatement occurs when a licensee has completed the discipline requirements. Reinstatement may return the license to the full unencumbered status or return a suspended license to a Probation status, or any other action the Board deems appropriate.


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