West Virginia Board of Examiners
for Registered Professional Nurses

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WV Division of Labor
749 Building 6, Capitol Complex
Charleston,  WV   25305
304-558-7890  (FAX) 304-558-2415
This Scope of Practice PDF document can be viewed online and printed. The document is currently being updated.  The new edition will be on the web site as soon as it is availalbe. 
Code of Legislative Rules
To obtain copies of the Legislative Rules, follow the link above to open a window connecting to the Secretary of State's web site.  In the Select Agency section select Registered Professional Nurses and click on the SEARCH button.  The RN rules are in Title 19 and each rule has a different Series number.  Look for the Final File of the ACTIVE rule for the rule currently in effect.  If a rule is being considered for modification in the upcoming legislative session, the rule will have the words. In Legislative Process beside it.  This means the Board has approved proposed changes to the rule.  These proposed changes will move through the 2013 legislative process and if passed will become the rules to follow.  Until then, the ACTIVE rule is the one to follow.  For example, Series 7 Announcement of Advanced Practice has proposed changes.  The current Series 7 will have the word ACTIVE beside it.  The document with the proposed changes will have Legislative Process beside it.    Follow the instructions on the Secretary of States web site to review and/or download a copy of a rule. The rules are:
  • Series 1   Policies and Criteria for the Evaluation and Accreditation of Colleges, Departments or Schools of Nursing
  • Series 3   Requirements for Licensure and Registration
  • Series 4   Qualification of Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools for Admission to Professional Nurse License Exam
  • Series 5   Contested Case Hearing Procedure
  • Series 6   Procedure for Open Meetings and ByLaws
  • Series 7   Announcement of Advanced Practice
  • Series 8   Limited Prescriptive Authority for Nurses in Advanced Practice
  • Series 9   Disciplinary Action: Procedural Rule
  • Series 10 Standards for Professional Nursing Practice
  • Series 11 Continuing Education
  • Series 12 Fees
  • Series 13 Dialysis Technicians (Emergency Rule and Proposed Legislative Rule)
  • Series 14 Practitioner Requirements for Accessing the West Virginia Controlled Substances Monitoring Program Database
After clicking on this link, on the left side of the page, scroll down to Article 7.  The following paragraph references the other Articles pertinent to the Board's regulatory authority.  
The West Virginia Code or Law provide the legal requirements for the Board and registered professional nurses.  The rules make the law more specific.  Both documents must be used together when making practice related decisions.  The laws are passed by the West Virginia Legislature.  The laws for Boards are found in Chapter 30.  The beginning of Chapter 30 includes laws all boards must follow.  The RN Board law is in Chapter 30 Article 7 and the Nurse-Midwife law is in Chapter 30 Article 15.  Once at the site for the Code, scroll down, on the left hand side, to the Article you wish to review.

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